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22, art'ing and farting since the day I was bown.

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I loved Twin Peaks but that ending was fucking ridiculous. How could you do that to Agent Cooper, David Lynch. UGHGHGHHGUGHGIGH. Fuck.

ARTIST: Angelo Badalamenti
ALBUM: Twin Peaks (Original Soundtrack)
TRACK: Twin Peaks Theme (Instrumental)
PLAYS: 21,943

Twin Peaks Theme (Instrumental) from the Twin Peaks soundtrack

Hector and I finished Twin Peaks yesterday and I need to watch Fire Walk with Me because what the fuck kind of ending was that

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Thanks to all the people who replied to my distress signal, heh heh heh, about the Animorphs PDFs!

The website I get my Animorphs PDFs from removed all the books because Scholastic asked them to and I’m so, so upset because I really want to finish the series oh my goodness. Anyone know where I can get the PDFs? :(

Btw the website was Richards forum

I’m at this indoor garden/mall place in downtown Calgary and there’s this piano here that little kids keep messing around with. And then this mom marches her little girl to the piano and plops her down and she’s busting out some complicated shit and she’s just standing behind her and I’m kind of embarrassed and I want to move.