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Art'ing and farting since the day I was bown.

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Hank Moody is the fucking worst. I’m on season four of Californication and I don’t know if I can take three more seasons of his fuck ups.

I think I want to get serious about cooking good fudz. Planning some stuff I’d like to try and cook. Any suggestions on some easy recipes I should try?

→ Anonymous whispered : Not sure what kind of game you think you've got going here but it's quite obvious you're manipping these. I'm a professional designer and I know what a manip job looks like and these are a combination of paintover, blendwork of actual photos and tracing. You don't even do it that well because I've seen better cheats. The sad part is you probably have some real skill judging by your pencil work. But I call bullshit and I guarantee plenty of your professional peers would say the same.







Whatever, Kenny. I’m still not letting you play with my Thundercats.

Oh great, now that we’ve shit on euclase, how about attacking some other people?

Like Randis:


Chuck Close:

Juan Francisco Casas:

I mean, they gotta be cheating, too, right? People aren’t allowed to be that good, especially women who enjoy painting fanart. You’re slacking! You better go send these people nasty, revealing messages too. After all, you are a professional and your opinion weighs heavily on the minds of the masses. 

What’s funny is that the other woman on your list, Enayla (who coincidentally also does work that caters more to a female gaze), was the subject of an absolutely MASSIVE “she must be cheating/she’s not a real artist.etc” campaign several years ago (2006-2007, I think?). Her deviantart was practically shut down for a while by these people. As I recall, I think the issue was that people claimed she used photo textures in backgrounds sometimes? Even if that was true,  hundreds of concept artist dudes do literally the same thing with photo textures, but sloppier, and no one bats an eyelash.  



I think people have legit criticisms on ecluses work being heavily traced and manip’d. Nothing wrong with that but don’t try to pass off stuff like tracing an official photo and beefing up the arms slightly as not just tracing official photos with beefier arms.

Yeeeeeeah actually no. I’ve seen enough of Euclase’s early sketches and works in progress over the years to know she paints these on her own. It’s called photorealism. Her work looks that similar to her reference because she actually IS that good. She’s put the practice in and is good at what she does. Good job making an animated gif, though. Maybe go make some gifs for other photorealist painters who are skilled at their craft, too, and tell them “you’re too good at this skill you’ve spent years on, so clearly you’re a cheater.” 

Nice job on the gif. I’ve got ten just like it.

Here are some better ones:




Here, this one is really good. It looks like all I did was paste a different head on the guy:


"I don’t have a problem with tracing, and that’s why I put effort into making a gif to demonstrate that any hate Euclase gets is justified. This isn’t petty or unreasonable at all so stop making me out to be the jealous bad guy. All I’m doing is proving that it’s okay for people to cast similar accusations based on my uninformed opinions. Until she shows some real proof, Euclase deserves whatever she gets."

You actually are an asshole, but I’m a bigger asshole, and I’m used to people like you.

I am so done with these haters. Y’all really act like photo realism isn’t a thing. I’m not trying to defend Euclase—she does a fine ass job dealing with idiots on her own. I just wonder why Haterade is such a popular drink among you shit heads and why it’s so hard for you to believe someone is capable of creating something magnificent. The world is filled with horrible, horrible people.

ARTIST: guiapepper
TRACK: Vienna-Billy Joel

I covered Vienna by Billy Joel for my friend Kriz, who is, in fact, leaving for Vienna come Mondee. Not the greatest quality, but kinda just uploading so sister dearest can listen.